Felicity - Gemini Browser

Privacy Policy

Felicity is a Mac app for browsing Gemini sites. It is distributed free-of-charge via the Mac App Store. The app developer does not collect any information about you, your computer, or any of your browsing activity.

The Gemini protocol deliberately provides only weak security. Felicity must never be used to communicate private or sensitive information.

When you use Felicity to browse Gemini sites, including but not limited to visiting URLs, clicking links and typing text input, this information is transmitted to the servers you are browsing. Gemini servers are third parties with no affiliation to Felicity. The app developer takes no responsibility for the privacy or security of data that you transmit, or data that servers collect while you are using Felicity. The app developer takes no responsibility for the content of Gemini servers that may be accessed using Felicity.

For more information about the Gemini protocol that Felicity supports, please see the Gemini Project home page. Felicity is not affiliated with the Gemini Project.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy please contact tkarpiniec@icloud.com.